5 Great Locations For Your Winter Adventure

While the winter season may strike some as the ideal time to stay indoors and hibernate, for a great many, it is the perfect time to embrace nature and enjoy adventurous activities. Wild swimmers, for example, continue to appear along shores and lakes throughout the colder season, embracing the serenity, excitement, and many health benefits associated with cold water swimming. Ramblers and those who prefer to keep their feet dry tend to plan trips for the winter period as a way to see their favourite landscapes in an entirely different way. Often, it is to enjoy the locations without the risk of summer crowds too.

So, before you begin writing the winter off, consider the potential for getting outdoors and seizing the season with adventure. To inspire you, we’re sharing five brilliant locations that are both beautiful and ideal for a number of outdoor activities, all of which can be enjoyed within the UK.


Wales has a reputation for being wet even during the summer months. However, its landscapes are far too beautiful to resist. One such location, found near Anglesey, is Rhosneigr. This seaside town remains relatively quiet even during the tourist season due to its remoteness and becomes very quiet as the temperatures drop.

For those interested in watersports, it is a superb destination, one that is perfect for paddleboarding and swimming. The beaches are extensive and sandy, being accessible from the Anglesey Coastal Path and having a number of local amenities available nearby.


Taking on the Mull of Galloway during winter is a trial that sees adventurers experience one of Scotland’s best-kept secrets and the wider Rhins peninsula offers unrivalled experiences for those who love nature. Making the trip to this southwest corner of Scotland isn’t always easy but the sight of waves crashing against the rocky shore without another soul around is enough to reward any adventurer.

Rame Peninsula

Cornwall’s forgotten corner is a stunning destination that many miss as they head further into the county. Offering extensive pastures, woodlands, beaches, and access to the coastal path, the Rame Peninsula is the ideal way to experience the best of Cornwall without being overwhelmed by travel or tourists.

Fairy Pools

The Isle of Skye is such a remarkable landscape that all adventurers should make the journey there. However, for those wanting to embrace the winter in the most perfect way, it is the Fairy Pools that should be visited. These extremely blue natural waters offer an amazing experience to cold water swimmers, immersing brave individuals in mountain springs formed by the river Cuillin.

Forest of Dean

Winter adventures need not always be so extreme. In fact, many individuals simply want to revel in the serenity of a cooler landscape. Many choose to do so with a spot of seasonal foraging, gathering the ingredients, such as flora and fungi, found at the end of the year. The Forest of Dean is an amazing location for those interested in creating meals from the landscape, offering a vast landscape of biodiversity.