Five Must-Have Accessories For The Environmentally Conscious

A sustainable lifestyle is increasingly important. In the interest of preserving our environment’s prosperity, those who enjoy outdoor activities, from international brands to the individual hiker, have begun to seek out ways to make their activity more ecologically friendly, creating as little impact on the environment as possible.

This has meant that, over the past few years, the equipment and accessories popular among outdoor enthusiasts have changed drastically, moving away from the carbon costly and waste inefficient toward the sustainable and low-impact instead. So, for the environmentally conscious adventurers, here are the latest must-have accessories that will enable you to enjoy outdoor activities guilt-free.


In order to protect your skin during summertime, while not limiting yourself entirely to shade, sunscreen is essential. Many, however, are created from harmful chemicals, those that infiltrate water supplies and even harm ocean life. Thankfully, there are a number of sunscreen options now available made from eco-friendly ingredients, those that do not impact the environment while still remaining effective at protecting skin.

Washing Bag

Due to the manufacturing quality, as well as the materials, many items of clothing actually cause microfibre and plastic pollution as they are washed. This means that each item of clothing we clean potentially contributes to the degradation of water supplies. Washing bags, however, are a way to protect your clothes and the environment, ensuring that shed fibres are contained safely while simultaneously reducing the impact of washing upon fabrics.

Water Bottles

Purchasing plastic water bottles is no longer easily justified, especially since plastic-free and reusable alternatives have become affordable and ubiquitous. In addition to eliminating the need for single-use plastics, there are a number of insulated water bottles available too, meaning that the temperature of hot and cold drinks can be sustained for longer periods of time when outdoors.

So, instead of contributing to landfills, a single purchase of a long-life water bottle can help to encourage the recovery of ecologies. Many high-end water bottles also have luxurious qualities too, such as in-built water filters.

Reusable Food Bags

As with water bottles, single-use food bags are no longer acceptable since there are a number of sustainable alternatives widely available. These food bags come in various shapes and sizes, are reusable and easily washed. There are also biodegradable options too, for those that require single-use packaging but do not want to create the same carbon footprint.


While there are a number of sustainable options for outdoor clothing, jackets are an important accessory to note because they perform key functions for those enjoying outdoor adventures, from ensuring body temperatures to deterring winds. A number of companies have begun selling outdoor jackets that rival the efficaciousness and quality of synthetic options while being either sustainably manufactured or made from recycled materials.

There are now waterproof, hardshell jackets created with low- or no-impact production techniques, with some using recycled and reclaimed materials, like ocean plastics. This means that your attire will not only ensure your comfort against the outdoor elements but it will also help them to recover too!

Westley Langston

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