July 2022


8 Essential Accessories For Staying Safe On The Water

It seems that, as each year passes, there is an increasing number of individuals who discover the joy of water. More are taking to wild swimming and diving, as stand-up paddleboard and kayak ownership figures increase. The reasons for this rise in popularity, especially for those already enjoying such activities, are clear, with many not only revelling in water for enjoyment but also the mental and physical health benefits too.

However, with a greater number of first-timers taking to the water, there must be extra caution taken. There are a number of safety considerations for those dipping, diving, swimming, and paddling. A great deal of extra safety, as well as comfort, can be drawn from essential accessories too, eight of which we are recommending to those looking to enjoy their time on the water.

Ear Plugs

For those frequently spending time in the water, there is a risk of damage to one’s ears, manifesting most often as swimmer’s ear. Prolonged exposure to water, especially at cold temperatures, can lead to damage to the ear canal, which is why many will choose to wear ear plugs, especially during colder months.

Dry Bags

Safety of one’s belongings, ensuring they do not get wet or, in the case of electronics, damages, is important. This is why dry bags are essential, especially for those travelling across bodies of water. Additionally, certain bags can also double as a floatation device during an emergency.

Water Booties

Also known as swimming booties, these snug-fitting accessories help to keep feet in the water warm while simultaneously offering grip on boards and protection against any sharp rocks hidden below the water.

Dog Vests

When venturing out with your four-legged friends, you must consider their essential safety equipment too. For those dogs that will be sailing, surfing, and even paddleboarding with you, a dog buoyancy aid is a must-have.


Surfers and paddleboarders, no matter whether they are just starting out or competing professionally, will each ensure they are equipped with a leash. This small but robust bracelet connects your ankle (or in some cases, waist) with your board, ensuring that neither becomes too far separated.


A hat, when out in or on the water, is important for two reasons. Firstly, it helps to keep the head warm. Secondly, a brightly coloured hat can ensure visibility, helping others to spot you should you need assistance.

Spray Skirt

An important item in specific circumstances is a kayak’s spray skirt. This covering prevents water from rough rapids and rainfall from collecting inside a kayak. They help to ensure a kayak stays both nimble and afloat, and can be quickly removed when the water begins to calm.


Surfers might appear to be following trends but sunglasses on the water are for safety too. Even a small amount of sunshine can cause disorientation on the water, amplified by the surface sheen. This is why, alongside sunscreen, sunglasses are also recommended as they help to maintain visibility on the water.

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Why you need to book a St. Barts Yacht Charter

Renowned for its pristine white sand beaches, designer stores, world-class gourmet restaurants and unspoiled nature, the tropical paradise of St. Barts is waiting for you. A St. Barts yacht charter is the best way to explore everything this spectacular island has to offer in complete luxury and style.

Located within the French West Indies of the Caribbean, the volcanic island of Saint Barthélemy remains a popular yachting destination among the elite. Surrounded by sparkling azure waters, smooth currents and blue skies, this French-speaking prestigious jewel of the Caribbean is accredited with an internationally recognised French “art de vivre.” The charming capital of Gustavia is known throughout the region for its historical significance and is filled with colonial buildings that reflect its history. A dream destination for those looking for excitement, leisure and more, there are countless activities to enjoy both on land and off. For those looking to relax under the sun, a St. Barts charter offers several stunning beaches for tanning, swimming and more. Some of the most popular beaches include Gouverneur Beach, Grand Fort and Shell Beach, which all offer a variety of amenities such as restaurants, picnic areas and more. Shell Beach remains unique in its own right with its pink sands, rocky cliffs and thoughts of tiny shells, which make it perfect for snorkelling, while Gouverneur Beach is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island as it is surrounded by lush vegetation and hills. Colombier Beach is the perfect place for anyone looking to sunbathe or stroll along the shore in privacy as it is only accessible via boat or foot. As it is also home to several beautiful rock formations, this beach is also a prime location for hiking. St. Barts also retains a solid reputation for snorkelling and scuba diving, as its clear waters are home to colourful coral reefs overflowing with vibrant tropical fish. Key areas that are perfect for snorkelling include the St. Barts nature reserve and marine park, which houses many types of coral reefs, angelfish, parrotfish and more and offers tons of sites for both beginners and advanced divers. The island is also known for its calm currents and protected bays, ensuring it is a great place to enjoy a broad range of water activities, like kitesurfing, windsurfing, and paddle boarding.

On land, St. Barts capital Gustavia shows traces of a long Scandinavian presence and fascinating French past. This picturesque city features a number of sightseeing locations, such as ruins of ancient forts, an Anglican Church, the famous Wall House and more. With white-walled houses with red roofs set around the sheltered harbour, this city may retain a traditional look and feel, but don’t let that fool you. The centre of St. Barts is a haven for high-end and designer shopping, fine dining and exclusive clubbing, all within the welcoming atmosphere of a town with an old-world charm. Some of the most beautiful superyachts in the world are moored year-round along the quay that faces the harbour, so why not add your own St. Barts yacht charter to the group? For more information on St. Barts and booking a St. Barts yacht charter, head to TWW Yachts today.

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Nearby Luggage Storage In The Station – Book Yours Now!

When speaking about leaving your stuff, you need trust. But, how can you give trust to someone or an establishment for a first-time meeting? You can base it on the service rating. What if it got a 4.8 review rating? Well, nothing is perfect in this world, so you can go for this kind of rating than picking lower ones.

The luggage storage with Stasher is nearby from the Victoria Station, which many passengers are already aware of this. To those first-timers in the station who have no idea where to leave their bags – here is the right choice.

Stasher luggage storage services

Stasher has a simple, yet guaranteed service to the public: to have a safe and protected storage space for your precious stuff. The company understands the importance of your stuff, they care about how you care for your belongings. Therefore, they offer a service more than your expectation, such as:

  • Online booking
  • 24/7 access
  • Affordable rate
  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Trustworthy

Stasher luggage storage fits your qualifications for reliable service.

The Stasher app

It is an application that you can use for the booking. Downloading the app is compatible with Android and iOS. Plus, download time is easy and fast. According to the users, it doesn’t need to have a high-speed internet connection to download the app.

Install the Stasher app on your mobile phone after downloading. After a successful installation, open the app and look for the search bar above. Find the most convenient location or simply click the button “Near Me Now”. You will be provided with a list of King Cross storage options nearby.

Choose your drop-off and pick-up time

You can select the drop-off and pick-up time by selecting an approximate time of your choice. So, there is no need for you to spend the fare to bring your bags to them. Instead, they will pick it up for you.

Most people are tired of looking for a luggage storage service and choice the station lockers. They are thinking that they will be adding another expense for the fare, without their knowledge of the drop-off and pick-up service included in their service.

Proof of booking

For first-time users of Stashers, you need to be aware that the email confirmation for your booking must be presented to the host. It is your ticket or proof that you are the customer and you are done with the booking. So, it is not like you are leaving your bags in a particular place and letting the host simply pick them up.

Safety is always a priority. So, make sure that your luggage is safely picked up by the right host. Don’t let anyone steal your luggage by just leaving it at a place where you stated on the online booking. Stasher will always be a guaranteed service. It helps you reach respected hotels in Victoria, where your stuff is safely stored.

You have a 100% guarantee that your stuff is picked up and returned to you without any loss or damage.

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