Explore the best-kept secret islands of the Caribbean this season, the BVIs

Discover the sun-soaked sandy beaches, beautiful, protected bays and laid-back atmosphere of the Caribbean this season. A yacht charter to the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) promises the best of a tropical getaway, with all the luxury and ease one expects during a charter. One of the safest and most secure regions of all the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands consists of more than 60 islands, waiting to be explored including the famous islands of Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Great Tobago, Tortola and Anegada. Offering a beautiful kaleidoscope of glistening turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and fascinating seaside villages, several of these islands remain uninhabited to this day. Providing a range of activities, from a vibrant nightlife to a rich culture, pristine nature and more, there is plenty of adventure and relaxation to enjoy in the BVIs.

Watersport activities remain a favourite pastime in the region. Due to the year-round warm temperature, calm currents, gentle trade winds and protected bays, the BVIs are favoured among novice and expert sailors alike and is the ideal spot to hone skills or learn how to sail. The BVIs are also a leading destination for all types of fishing, from reef fishing to bonefishing and offshore fishing. The deep waters are home to a variety of fish, from the much sought after blue marlin to the barracuda and yellow snapper. The sparking shores around the BVIs are a wonder to behold from the surface, but also hide a magnificent and exciting underwater world. From expansive, vivid reefs to some of the world’s finest dive wreck sites, scuba divers and snorkelers will be amazed with the fascinating sites they discover. Off of Salt Island lies the wreck of the Royal Mail packet steamer, the RMS Rhone, the most renowned wreck and  finest historical dive sites in all of the Caribbean. Located 80 feet below on the sea bottom, some of the central parts of this vessel are still intact. The coral atoll of the island of Anegada is also the final resting place of several wrecks and sunken ships and offers amazing underwater views for diving and snorkelling, while the waters near Baths house a maze of grottos home to tropical fish and other marine life.

The white sand beaches scattered through the BVIs are among the best in the world, stretching for miles as far as the eye can see. The celebrated Peter Island remains one of the most exclusive and secluded islands in the area, ideal for relaxing in total privacy and peace. Home to not one, but five powder white sand beaches, a world-class resort, and a spa next to an abundance of green hills, it is also a great place for trekking and hiking. Another island favoured for its tropical, exotic beauty is Virgin Gorda. Home to a breathtaking natural park, its shoreline is filled with colourful coves and granite boulders awaiting to be discovered. Outdoor enthusiasts will relish the hike to the island’s peak for unrivalled views of the surrounding, while its beaches are the perfect location to sunbathe, swim and enjoy a BBQ picnic in seclusion.

Don’t forget to also dive into the thriving nightlife scene of the Caribbean. The bustling Great Harbour of Jost Van Dyke, the smallest of the four main islands of the BVIs, Jost Van Dyke is known for its vibrant nightlife and luxurious yacht parties. The place to be for people watching, crowd chasing and meeting other yacht charters, the island offers several exciting bars and nightclubs that stay open into the early hours of the morning. A charter through the brilliant BVIs is the best way to fully immerse yourself in everything the islands have to offer, from spectacular sceneries to delicious cuisine, and pristine beaches.

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9 Luxury Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss in Iceland

Iceland is one of the foremost countries worldwide that promises a luxury holiday experience. The land of fire and ice is blessed with unbelievable natural beauty. From its dramatic volcanic landscapes to charming isolated towns to striking hiking trails to the unforgettable spectacle of the Northern Lights to its breathtaking coastline, and so much more, Iceland is a land of endless riches that deserve sustainable exploration. 

As one of the premium luxury holiday destinations, Iceland offers travellers many must-have experiences. Let’s explore some of the most glorious luxury experiences you should have in this naturally gorgeous country.

9 Must-Have Luxury Experiences in Iceland

Here are some experiences you must have when you visit the land of ice and fire:

Witness the Magical Aurora Borealis

Seeing the Northern Lights tops the bucket list of many people worldwide. Iceland draws in thousands of tourists each year to witness the magic of Aurora Borealis in winter, autumn, and spring. If you are lucky enough to see these elusive lights, you will experience the sky coming to life in a mesmerising dance of light and beautiful hues. You can book a private tour with a luxury travel company to see the lights from the best spots and stay at the best resorts nearby. 

Walk behind a Waterfall

If you love waterfalls, you will undoubtedly enjoy visiting Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss as they give you the remarkable opportunity to walk behind the waterfall and witness glorious rainbows. You can even witness the Skógafoss rainbows when driving on the southerly route. However, the path to the waterfall can be slippery during winters due to ice, so you need to be careful. 

Snowmobile on Glaciers

Snowmobiling on glaciers is hands-down one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in Iceland. Home to beautiful, untouched ice caps, Iceland offers you several snowmobiling opportunities to explore its bare white canvases with professionals to guide you along the safest routes. You can enjoy this adventure of a lifetime in Vatnajökull, Mýrdalsjökull, and Langjökull. The former two are along the picturesque South Coast, while the latter is along the Golden Circle route. 

Soak in a Hot Spring

If you’re planning a luxury couples holiday to Iceland, you have to soak in a geothermal pool with your partner to forget your worries and live in the moment. You can visit the Blue Lagoon and experience soaking in the mineral-rich, steamy waters. You can also head to the geyser hot spring area in the Laugarvatn Fontana and enjoy its naturally sourced hot baths. 

Explore the Beautiful City of Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the perfect, culturally rich Icelandic city with multiple live music venues, vibrant main streets, iconic Lutheran churches and multiple museums with Viking history displays. You can taste the delectable and versatile food in Iceland, try out its only Michelin star restaurant, and luxuriously explore the city with a guided tour. 

Go Whale Watching

If you’re planning on visiting Reykjavik, you have to head on a whale-watching tour that will last around three hours. You will see several minke whales and dolphins on this tour, making the trip worth your while. 

Drive the Golden Circle

The golden circle is the finest route in Ireland if you want to explore the dramatic, mesmerising landscapes of the southern part of the country. It’s roughly a 300km round trip that allows you to witness the Geyser hot springs, Thingvellir National Park and Strokkur. It’s easily one of the best ways to explore Iceland. 

Visiting Thingvellir National Park will allow you to witness the two tectonic plates and swim between them by snorkelling in Silfra. This crystal-clear water gorge offers visibility of more than 100 metres. 

Explore the Inside of a Volcano

Iceland isn’t just blessed with glaciers and snow caves, but it stands true to its nickname and is the embodiment of the land of fire and ice. It has several volcanoes, including Þríhnúkagígur in its south. Þríhnúkagígur means “Three Top Crater”. Since this volcano has not erupted since the second century BC, it’s perfectly safe to enter its magma chamber by boarding a specifically designed elevator. Exploring the inside of this volcano is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will surely never forget.

Go Dog Sledging         

Dog sledging is a truly unique experience you can enjoy in Iceland. You can experience this activity all year round on dry land and snowfields. You can even sledge across Iceland’s mighty glaciers when the conditions are ideal. Not only will you have a memorable time, but dog sledging is also a treat for dog lovers as you will get to meet adorable Siberian and Alaskan huskies. 

The Bottom Line

Iceland is a land of abundant riches and stunning landscapes. You can amass many experiences that last you a lifetime and bring you immense joy when visiting this country. Apart from the experiences mentioned above, you have to visit Iceland’s gorgeous coastline and explore its ice caves.

Author Bio: Rhodri Andrews

Rhodri Andrews is the Head of Content at SevenTravel, a luxury travel company based in Mayfair, London, that specialises in once-in-a-lifetime experiences. SevenTravel is all about the kind of travel that forges deeper connections with the countries you visit, encouraging you to linger for longer with trips that last ten or more days. Rhodri manages all of SevenTravel’s content, bringing to life the countries, regions and unique tailor-made experiences its clients will discover as well as all the useful information SevenTravel clients need to know before they head off on a luxury holiday of a lifetime. He crafts content for all SevenTravel’s luxury holiday destinations, whether it’s the Arabian charm of Oman to the Amazon jungle of Peru and everything in between. Through his natural curiosity and passion for travel, he also brings SevenTravel’s one-of-a-kind experiences to life, from trekking through the Patagonian wilderness to exploring Morocco’s souks and medinas. Whether you’re a couple, honeymooners or a family embarking on an exciting luxury holiday, the experiences are crafted to suit your personal preferences.

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Creative ways to discover the best sights in Basingstoke

Basingstoke is a well-known tourist destination, bragging some of the most recognisable historical landmarks in the UK, such as the Tudor palace Basing House, as well as modern attractions like the Aquadome Lagoon Pool. But if you’re only going for a brief trip and want to make the most of it, what’s the best way to experience it all? Join us as we run down the creative ways you can discover the best sights in Basingstoke.

Take a trip on the miniature railway

Taking in the lovely scenery is even better when you can feel the wind through your hair and hear the steam engine of a miniature train chugging along. The Basingstoke and District Model Engineering Society is based in the Viables Craft Centre and puts on limited rides of their miniature versions of live steam locomotives, that are as authentic to the real thing as it gets at such a small size.

This is fun and educational for all the family while being one of the lesser-known attractions of Basingstoke. Even if the miniature railway isn’t open to ride when you visit, you can still enjoy the many detailed, running models and learn about the history of locomotives in Basingstoke and discover hidden stories behind its biggest tourist attractions.

Head to the sky in a balloon

If you’re looking for a more wide-reaching view, look no further than a Virgin Balloon Flight. They have many options available including those that set off from Basingstoke where you will be able to see everything – literally. This is a unique gift idea for thrill-seekers and keen travellers who aren’t afraid to try something new and take in the vast scenery from a different perspective.

Find a guided tour

A more traditional option for those who prefer to stay grounded is a walking guided tour which will grant you the opportunity to see some of the most popular attractions and learn from an expert. There are many to choose from depending on what your field of interest is, making this versatile and suited to what you want to make out of your Basingstoke trip. The Jane Austen tour is a popular option, or you may choose to head to one of the historical sites that schedule several tours throughout the day.

Take a self-guided walking tour

If your interests lie somewhere different to what guided tours have to offer, why not try a self-guided tour? An increasingly popular option for tourists, this means simply downloading an app on your phone and following along without even the need for headphones, with photos and text being used (although some audio options are available). The best part is that one of our favourite options, Trial Tale, is completely free, so you can explore Basingstoke at your own pace with no additional charge for the awesome routes, stories, photos and fun facts that it offers.

There are numerous ways to experience Basingstoke and make your trip there truly your own, so make sure to do your research and experience it how you want to.

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Five Must-Have Accessories For The Environmentally Conscious

A sustainable lifestyle is increasingly important. In the interest of preserving our environment’s prosperity, those who enjoy outdoor activities, from international brands to the individual hiker, have begun to seek out ways to make their activity more ecologically friendly, creating as little impact on the environment as possible.

This has meant that, over the past few years, the equipment and accessories popular among outdoor enthusiasts have changed drastically, moving away from the carbon costly and waste inefficient toward the sustainable and low-impact instead. So, for the environmentally conscious adventurers, here are the latest must-have accessories that will enable you to enjoy outdoor activities guilt-free.


In order to protect your skin during summertime, while not limiting yourself entirely to shade, sunscreen is essential. Many, however, are created from harmful chemicals, those that infiltrate water supplies and even harm ocean life. Thankfully, there are a number of sunscreen options now available made from eco-friendly ingredients, those that do not impact the environment while still remaining effective at protecting skin.

Washing Bag

Due to the manufacturing quality, as well as the materials, many items of clothing actually cause microfibre and plastic pollution as they are washed. This means that each item of clothing we clean potentially contributes to the degradation of water supplies. Washing bags, however, are a way to protect your clothes and the environment, ensuring that shed fibres are contained safely while simultaneously reducing the impact of washing upon fabrics.

Water Bottles

Purchasing plastic water bottles is no longer easily justified, especially since plastic-free and reusable alternatives have become affordable and ubiquitous. In addition to eliminating the need for single-use plastics, there are a number of insulated water bottles available too, meaning that the temperature of hot and cold drinks can be sustained for longer periods of time when outdoors.

So, instead of contributing to landfills, a single purchase of a long-life water bottle can help to encourage the recovery of ecologies. Many high-end water bottles also have luxurious qualities too, such as in-built water filters.

Reusable Food Bags

As with water bottles, single-use food bags are no longer acceptable since there are a number of sustainable alternatives widely available. These food bags come in various shapes and sizes, are reusable and easily washed. There are also biodegradable options too, for those that require single-use packaging but do not want to create the same carbon footprint.


While there are a number of sustainable options for outdoor clothing, jackets are an important accessory to note because they perform key functions for those enjoying outdoor adventures, from ensuring body temperatures to deterring winds. A number of companies have begun selling outdoor jackets that rival the efficaciousness and quality of synthetic options while being either sustainably manufactured or made from recycled materials.

There are now waterproof, hardshell jackets created with low- or no-impact production techniques, with some using recycled and reclaimed materials, like ocean plastics. This means that your attire will not only ensure your comfort against the outdoor elements but it will also help them to recover too!

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Ideas for taking a break whilst being on holiday

When we are travelling around and visiting different places it is always good to find ways to keep entertained whilst doing so. When travelling abroad online entertainment has become popular for holidaymakers with non UK casinos like these options at becoming a popular choice for many that are travelling to and from different places. Platforms such as this are a great way to keep entertained and occupied whilst being on holiday or a flight.

Popular entertainment

Online gaming or watching movies and tv series online have become popular choices for many of us to use when we are travelling around due to them offering many different options for us to choose from. Many online games that are now available offer a multiplayer option which has proven to be popular for travellers as they can both play the same game together or as a family group. Online entertainment has proven to be a popular choice for many with platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime providing lots of different movies and series to choose from.

Mobile gaming has also become a popular choice for people who are travelling around as mobile games are an exciting thing to play whilst being on the move, you can now access them from your mobile devices. Gaming apps have been around for many years now and the new ones that are now out are providing a lot of entertainment for many of us.

There are other popular forms of entertainment, but the ones mentioned above are by far the most popular ones with millions of us using these options to keep entertained for long periods. The new gaming graphics and technology has helped to offer better online entertainment platforms to ensure that travellers can get a great gaming experience whilst they are on the move.

When taking a break on holiday some of us will head to the pool or down to the beach and once there we will often play on a mobile device on one of these forms’ entertainment, this is because online entertainment is now at a record high with more of us looking to take part in it.

You should now be able to understand why different forms of entertainment have become so popular amongst those who are travelling to different places and what types of entertainment are being used by the people who are travelling.

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Everything You Need To Know About Indoor Rock Climbing

Your taste for adventure and challenge are things that should be nurtured. Indoor rock climbing can give you all the exercise and cardio that outdoor rock climbing can give you, with an added safety net.

Joining a climbing gym is a great option if you want to learn the art of climbing or you want to improve your climbing abilities. Ensure the convenience of visiting a climbing gym every week with Indoor rock climbing in the UK , rather than spending large amounts of money every week for travelling in order to do outdoor rock climbing. There are a variety of rock climbing methods you can explore if you decide to try indoor rock climbing for yourself. Here is everything you need to know about indoor rock climbing.

  1. Types of Gym Climbing
    You can climb both indoors and outdoors using three types of climbing, and each requires a different set of skills and gear.

Bouldering – Bouldering does not require a rope or harness, and involves routes that are close to the ground. There are thick crash pads that provide protection below you. You may also need spotters at some gyms to prevent head and neck injuries during falls.

Top–Rope Climbing – An introductory harness-and-rope climbing session offers a novice climber the chance to get a taste of the sport. Top roping in the gym involves securing the rope to an overhead anchor. A belayer holds the other end of the rope so you can be caught if you fall. You tie into one end of the rope and the other is held by a belayer. Belaying might be performed by one of the staff members, a friend with belay certification or an automatic device.

Lead Climbing – After you become proficient in top-rope climbing, lead climbing is the next step. A quickdraw already attached to a bolt on the wall will serve as your anchor when lead climbing. Once again, you will be accompanied by a belayer for your safety.

  1. Climbing Gear
    The first thing you should do is check with your local climbing gym to see what gear they have. Some gyms may require that you bring your own rope or harness even if most offer everything you might need to practise on their walls. In the long run, owning your own gear can save some money. Basic gear is not expensive. Let’s take a look at the essentials.

Climbing Shoes – Snug-fitting shoes are essential to giving your feet a better grip on many different footholds. Shoes like these tend to stretch quite easily and provide ample flexibility. To prevent having to buy new shoes every couple of months, keep your normal shoe size or go down half a size.

Climbing Harness – In the beginning, you’ll primarily use it for top-roping and, when you’re competent enough, you can try your hand at lead climbing. Due to the limited amount of gear required to work with them, gym harnesses tend to be lightweight, easy to wear and come with minimal features.

Chalk – Chalk comes in both block and loose form. The block form is mostly the same, but you can crush it to your desired consistency. You can purchase eco chalk at your gym if traditional chalk is not allowed. Eco chalk is colourless and leaves no trace on the wall or the rock you are climbing.

Climbing Rope – Ropes are often provided free of charge to climbers in climbing gyms since they are the appropriate measure for the walls. Make sure you choose the right length before you buy your own. Consult your local gym if you decide to purchase one.

  1. Climbing Clothing
    When it comes to climbing, it’s best to wear fit and elastic activewear. During the activity, you need your hands and feet to be visible while moving. Make sure your clothing isn’t loose so it wouldn’t get tangled in your gear or catch on the rocks.

Focus on improving your foot friction and leg placement, as your legs are much stronger than your arms. You may be able to learn climbing techniques by watching more experienced climbers, but don’t expect to be able to duplicate them immediately.

Climbing has the unique feature that, unlike other sports, you don’t really have to learn a move before you can do it; you just see a wall with many handholds, and your body knows exactly what you have to do to reach the top. It won’t take you long to get the basic motion down if you’ve climbed before.

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What Is the Best Way to Begin Your Digital Nomad Journey?

It is possible to follow your chosen career path, such as marketing or finance, from the comforts of your own home, wherever you are in the globe, this is often known as being a digital nomad, more information can be found here about being a nomad. When you work from home you have the ability to choose your own schedule and indulge in more adventurous activities in your leisure time.

If you want to work remotely for a company, now is the right time because of the recent move in many organisations toward hiring individuals who are completely self-directed. More and more businesses are approving of remote working because team leaders are finding that their employees are much happier and also are producing more work. A lot of people hate commuting to work in the morning and after their shift due to traffic, for some people it doubles their travel time and therefore more money on fuel is required.

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Unknown facts about the slot games

When you enter the world of casinos, slot machines can easily grab your attention with alluring features. These special features can present you with several potential paylines to win. You can visit the online site, to play interesting slot games.

Although the game has become highly popular, some players do not know about the interesting facts related to it. Keep on reading and learn more about the unknown slots.

Slots may get hot and cold

It is a myth that slot machines can turn cold and hot based on the frequency of giving payouts. Modern slots rely on the software, known as the random number generator. It helps in identifying the results when the players spin the reel. The specially designed computer program generates several random numbers every second.

Slot gaming system had its origin in 1891

Though video slots are innovative and modern, the basic slot games were developed in 1891. Originally, slots included a deck of 52 cards. But, the machine developers did not find it easy to find a way to achieve the random results. After a consistent effort for 4 years, they had ultimately developed the desired system. Charles Fey was the inventor of the machine, which looks much similar to the modern slot gaming machine.

Slot games with differentnames-

In the European countries, the game is mostly known as the slot. But, Australians like to refer to it as pokies. Some slot machines in the UK have fruit-based themes, as the land-based slots include fruit symbols. Scot players like to call the fruit slots puggy. On the contrary, slots are pachinko for Japanese players.

More than 80% of revenues are from slots

The casino industry earns a major part of the revenue from slot games. Game developers also try to make the slots more interesting with attractive themes and designs.

The value of the largest slot jackpot is $39.7 million

A software engineer (Los Angeles) placed a bet of £75 to play Megabucks slots. The lucky player won a jackpot of $39.7 million. But, another UK-based player, Jon Heywood, also won £13.2 million while playing online slots.

Slot machines do not stop their functioning

You know that online casino platforms produce random results and ensure fair gaming. The RNG software keeps on working and generates codes through the day.

Some slot players are professional

You may have heard about professional poker players. However, some professional gamblers also like to play slots regularly. They are dedicated to this casino game to win more from their bets. They also identify the best winning odds on every slot machine.

The largest number of slot machines is in Japan

It is another interesting fact about the slot games. Presently, Japan has more than 4 million slot gaming machines, as there are lots of slot players in the country.

These are some unknown facts about slots. Regular slot players may feel interested in these slots. Look for the best casinos to enjoy the games like slot.

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Pre-Paid Cards, Digital Wallets, and Cash: What to Consider When Paying for Things Abroad

Before making payments abroad, do your research properly to look for a better alternative because extra fees and interest rates will add up quickly. When travelling abroad, you have multiple options to carry your money. The difficult part is deciding the best way based on the demand and requirement.

Travellers in the past used to rely solely on cash and cheque, which is outdated now. Pre-paid cards and digital wallets are among the most popular ways to make transactions in stores, eateries, and on gaming platforms like for entertainment purposes. It is because they offer better exchange rates and reduced fees.

In this article, you will learn about the efficient ways to carry your money when travelling abroad.

Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is the most convenient way to carry your money. It is a means to store your credit and debit card details in a secure digital medium on your mobile phone. Rather than using your actual plastic card to make transactions, you can use a digital wallet to pay in stores, apps, and online.

If you’re purchasing online or through an app, you may notice a Pay With Apple Pay or Pay With PayPal button at the end, which you can use to hasten your purchase. When you’re at the checkout page, a digital wallet, such as Apple Pay, can immediately show up and fill in the payment information for you, even if you don’t have the specific button.


Cash is particularly useful during the first 24 hours of your journey. You’ll need to have enough money to get by until you can access an ATM. This may be more difficult in some countries than in others. If you’re taking British pounds with you, do some research to see how easy it is to get cash and how easy it is to exchange currency.

Atm, Withdraw Cash, Map, Ec Card, Card Slot


When visiting a foreign country, you should keep your foreign cash to a minimum. Even though traveller’s cheques and pre-paid cards are the best options, you should have local money in hand to pay for necessities such as food and drink, tips, and taxis. When credit cards and checks aren’t accepted, cash comes in handy. Take note, however, that the amount of cash you can bring with you is determined by the country you are visiting. So check before you leave for your travel and keep some cash with you.

Multicurrency Travel Card

Pre-paid travel cards are among the easiest and most widely used methods of transferring money internationally. A multi-currency forex card is a convenient way to carry various currencies at the same time. It also protects travellers from cross-currency transaction fees, currency volatility, and minimal transaction fees when using a pre-paid forex card at an ATM in another country. Many banks even throw in free travel insurance when you buy a travel card. You also have the option of locking in the currency rate before travelling, decreasing the risk of future fluctuations.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything, you should not rely on a single means of payment when visiting a foreign nation. You should have a well-balanced travel money portfolio that includes, among other things, travellers cash, plastic money, and pre-paid cards. Make sure you purchase travel insurance, which will cover your vacation and offer you emergency monetary help if you need it. While travelling to new places worldwide, a travel insurance policy and having enough money on different cards are your best friends.


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