Creative ways to discover the best sights in Basingstoke

Basingstoke is a well-known tourist destination, bragging some of the most recognisable historical landmarks in the UK, such as the Tudor palace Basing House, as well as modern attractions like the Aquadome Lagoon Pool. But if you’re only going for a brief trip and want to make the most of it, what’s the best way to experience it all? Join us as we run down the creative ways you can discover the best sights in Basingstoke.

Take a trip on the miniature railway

Taking in the lovely scenery is even better when you can feel the wind through your hair and hear the steam engine of a miniature train chugging along. The Basingstoke and District Model Engineering Society is based in the Viables Craft Centre and puts on limited rides of their miniature versions of live steam locomotives, that are as authentic to the real thing as it gets at such a small size.

This is fun and educational for all the family while being one of the lesser-known attractions of Basingstoke. Even if the miniature railway isn’t open to ride when you visit, you can still enjoy the many detailed, running models and learn about the history of locomotives in Basingstoke and discover hidden stories behind its biggest tourist attractions.

Head to the sky in a balloon

If you’re looking for a more wide-reaching view, look no further than a Virgin Balloon Flight. They have many options available including those that set off from Basingstoke where you will be able to see everything – literally. This is a unique gift idea for thrill-seekers and keen travellers who aren’t afraid to try something new and take in the vast scenery from a different perspective.

Find a guided tour

A more traditional option for those who prefer to stay grounded is a walking guided tour which will grant you the opportunity to see some of the most popular attractions and learn from an expert. There are many to choose from depending on what your field of interest is, making this versatile and suited to what you want to make out of your Basingstoke trip. The Jane Austen tour is a popular option, or you may choose to head to one of the historical sites that schedule several tours throughout the day.

Take a self-guided walking tour

If your interests lie somewhere different to what guided tours have to offer, why not try a self-guided tour? An increasingly popular option for tourists, this means simply downloading an app on your phone and following along without even the need for headphones, with photos and text being used (although some audio options are available). The best part is that one of our favourite options, Trial Tale, is completely free, so you can explore Basingstoke at your own pace with no additional charge for the awesome routes, stories, photos and fun facts that it offers.

There are numerous ways to experience Basingstoke and make your trip there truly your own, so make sure to do your research and experience it how you want to.

Westley Langston

The author Westley Langston